Fort Ritchie Triathlon Chosen as MD High School Championship

Please forward this to any high school triathletes you may know.

We are very excited to be chosen by USA Triathlon as the Maryland High School Championship at Fort Ritchie Sprint Triathlon.
High School students, come be a part of this awesome regional competition, the only of it’s kind in the area and one of only nineteen triathlons within the United States selected to host a state championship race.

About the Championship

USA Triathlon has developed High School championship races throughout the country as a way to introduce the sport of triathlon to high school aged athletes. Championships do not require a qualification to enter and welcomes all first time triathletes. The Championships allow selected races additional resources in order to bring the sport of triathlon to high school aged athletes. Participation in Championships will provide those athletes with extra swag and awards over non-championship races.

All High School Students will receive:
-Discounted entry fee of $50-Special swag and awards

-Special section in bike transition

-Their own swim wave

-Access to the VIP table at packet pickup and avoid the lines

-A group photo of all the high school participants after the race

-Plus all the other benefits that everyone enjoys at the Fort Ritchie Triathlon!

Fort Ritchie Triathlon

Date:Sunday, August 6, 2017 • 8:00am
Location:Cascade, MD, Fort Ritchie
Distance:Sprint Distance:
750 Meter Open Water Swim (lake)
15 mile bike ride (hilly)
3.1 mile run (rolling)


What do I have to do to be a part of the Championship:
1) Must be a high school student (public, private, home school) this coming school year.

2) Sign up for the Fort Ritchie Sprint Triathlon at this Link and choose “HS Championship Sprint Tri” registraion type for only $50.

3) There are no qualification needed, however USAT will require that you have a 1 day liscense ($15) or an annual memership ($50). You can pay for this membership during registration.

To learn more about how high school and triathlon are coming together visit this link.
The swag shown below is what everyone gets who competes in the Fort Ritchie Triathlon or Duathlon. Stay tuned for exciting updates about the special swag and awards you will get in addition to this, for being in the USAT Maryland High School Championship.
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