CASCADE, Md. – On your marks…Get set…Go!
High schoolers are invited to line up for this year’s Fort Ritchie Sprint Triathlon, going head-to-head in a championship race.
The triathlon includes 750 meters of swimming, 15 miles of biking and a 5K run.
“When the news came in that we were selected, we were very proud because we knew there was a lot of other races vying for that opportunity,” Ken Racine, Owner, Racine MultiSports said.
Only 19 triathlons within the United States were chosen to host a state championship race.
USA Triathlon’s goal is to get students more familiar with the sport.
“Those are the athletes who are going to be in their 20’s in a few years and learn about the sport. We want to try and get ahead of that and give them an opportunity [as well as] education,” Racine said.
And don’t worry; if you’ve never done one before, the only qualification for this event is to be a high school student.
“It’s open to everyone at every level, so a brand new person who’s never done the sport of a triathlon that’s a high schooler can enter the championship. There are coaches that we can have them work with and learn what they need to get ready for race day. All they need to do is reach out to us, and we can connect them,” Racine said.
The championship is complete with a dualthon and team divisions for those who want to participate but don’t feel like they can take on all three parts. There are also events for people who are not in high school but still want to get in on the action.
“Trust that people will be there to support you on race day. There’s a ton of cheering that goes on, so it’s a lot of fun, and there’s not pressure that you place. In the sport of triathlon, the first goal is to get to the finish line,” Racine said.
A portion of the proceeds go to the community center, a non-profit dedicated to providing a place for people to work out and join activities in the community.
The triathlon will be held on Aug. 6.
Visit their website if you are interested in registering.