Even you can do this Triathlon!

Are you getting comfortable doing 5Ks and looking for something more exciting and a little more challenging? Have you considered a triathlon? Before you turn and go running away as you picture trying to complete a grueling Ironman, hear me out. A sprint distance triathlon such as the Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon is a very achievable triathlon for athletes just starting out in the sport of triathlon. The Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon is a 300 Meter Swim, followed by an 11 Mile Bike ride, and finished with 5K Run.

Let’s break down those distances one at a time and you can see just how achievable it is.

The part that scares most people away from considering a triathlon is the swim part. The good thing about the Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon is that the swim part takes place in a pool. No open water swimming to worry about for this race. The swim is in a 25-meter pool that is only 4 feet deep. If you get tired you can stand up and touch the bottom! Swimmers will complete 12 lengths (6 laps). There is no rule on what stroke you must use to complete this. You can even doggie paddle if you want to, although experienced triathletes would tell you to use the front crawl swimming stroke as that is the most efficient stroke to use.

The 11-mile bike ride really isn’t that far of a distance for a bike. You may already be riding your bike that far for fun or cross-training and if not, with a little training you’ll be able to cruise through that distance. If you choose the Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon it is flat and only slightly rolling at places with no major climbs and has wide shoulders for most of the race.

The last leg of the race is the run. If you are already an experienced 5K athlete then you can check the run portion off as something you can easily manage. This 3.1 mile run is an out and back and is entirely in a park using the path and park road. That’s it!

Now that we’ve taken a look at each leg of the race and you see how achievable it can be, you’ll want to give yourself some weeks to train to feel confident in your ability. The Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon is July 15th, so that gives you plenty of time to start your training!

The feeling of accomplishment you will get as you cross the finish line is amazing and you will quickly see how you will fall in love with the sport of triathlon and never look back.

If you are going to do the Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon

Date: Sunday, July 15, 2018 • 7:00am
Location: Halfway Park, Hagerstown, MD
25 minutes from Frederick, MD and 90 minutes from Baltimore and DC
Type: Sprint
This is a great course for the beginner or the experienced triathlete who wants to go fast!
Distance: Triathlon: 300 Meter Swim (Pool), 11 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run
REGISTRATION: ONLY $87 (if you register by June 15th)


What’s included with Registration:
– Free Race Shirt (women’s and men’s cut, tri-blend, jersey-knit, super soft material)
– Free Race Photos. See photo page here of past races.
– Custom Finisher Medal (bottle-opener built into the design)
– Swag Bag of goodies
– Custom Awards
– Free Post Race Food including Jersey Mikes subs, Pizza, and lots more
– Well organized and professional event, of course!
– Real-Time Kiosk Results
– Satisfaction of finishing a multisport race!
– Meeting other athletes and establishing new friends!!!

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