Registration Issues for USAT Members

Registration Issues for USAT Members

We want to apologize for the issues that USAT members are experiencing trying to register for our events. Beginning Saturday USAT systems stopped verifying USAT member numbers with Active. As a result, those of you trying to register since Saturday as USAT members, have not been able to complete registration. If this impacted you, the solution is outlined below.

1. If you were trying to register Saturday before the price increase and were unsuccessful thereby registering after the price increase for Luray Triathlon, Luray Duathlon, Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon, Fort Ritchie Triathlon and Fort Ritchie Duathlon, we will credit you the price increase for your race entry. To receive this credit you must have started the registration process on Saturday. Once you have successfully registered for the event you must email to receive your credit.


2. Please read the information below to learn about the system error and a temporary solution to get registered. If you want to wait until the system is working normally, you have that option as well. We will send a follow-up email when the systems are back up.

Here is what we learned from Active today. See message below from Active:

Over the weekend USAT migrated servers which caused an error with validating participant’s USAT memberships through the ACTIVEWorks registration flow for all USAT events. This issue is ongoing with no hard ETA on a fix yet, but all applicable teams are involved in resolving this issue ASAP. 


This issue only affects participants who have a valid USAT Membership ID and not those purchasing one-day/annual memberships through the registration flow. 

That being said, the current workaround for USAT Members, is to purchase a one-day membership to complete their registration,  and email/call USAT Support for a refund on that one day  membership.

USAT is willing to review each request submitted in order to provide refunds for current USAT Members when verified.


USAT Support: 

USAT Support Email:

This morning we simultaneously experienced an issue with participant’s  being “Timed-Out” before beginning their registration, from 6:00am-10:00am  CT. This issue has been resolved but does not include a resolution to the USAT membership issue. 


I know this has plagued you guys for a couple days now and I do SINCERELY apologize for the delay, as I was out of town until this morning. If you would like, we can add language to the reg. form  above the USAT Validation section that relays the above workaround, to hopefully cut down on the number of queries your team is managing.

We are feeling the pain with you and wish we had some control over this situation. We ask for your patience and understanding. We are hoping this email will eliminate some of the questions we have been inundated with through email and phone and empowers you with information and solutions.

Ken Racine

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