Canceled 2020 Racine MultiSports Races

Just added to the closure list is the Antietam Brewery 5K and Beer Mile. We had big hopes for the 2020 Fall Season reopening and restrictions lifting. But with the recent press release from Governor Hogan and his focus on pausing the reopening we had to take a hard look at this race. Given the “beer” focus and the new rule of wearing masks outside we talked to other industry leaders and came to the decision that Beer Miles during this time are not a safe decision. We thought about converting to just a 5K but in the end the felt as it would take away from the theme of this event. We look forward to producing this race in 2021 and beyond. 

After spending time and energy to reschedule races and planning creative approaches to hopefully avoid canceling events, we have come to an impasse and must close some of our events. It has been a difficult time and even more difficult to make this decision! We have placed a lot of thought and consideration on the process to close a race and have outlined that below. This has been an amazingly tough time for all of us and we appreciate the patience, generosity and understanding you have shown us, thus far, when we first rescheduled races. Now, we will need all of that and more as we move forward with our closure plan.

While these are uncertain times, Racine MultiSports will make it through this and we look forward to getting all our races on track in 2021. We are still hopeful to produce races later this year and we can’t wait to see you at the start line.

Races NOT Closing

Before you get absorbed with the closures we want to first point out that we are hopeful to produce races later this year. Below is the list of races still scheduled. September and beyond is looking hopeful and we will be restarting the marketing for these events.

  • SUPER Fest Triathlon and Duathlon– August 15-16, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday) Fort Ritchie, MD, registration is open
  • Hagerstown Duathlon-Youth Du #2-5K Run #3– October 10, 2020 (Saturday) Hagerstown, MD, registration is open*

*This race will now be the USAT Regional Duathlon Championship.

Races Being Closed

July 11th– Hagerstown Youth Triathlon, Youth Duathlon #1
July 12th- Hagerstown Duathlon #1, 5K Run #1
July 12th– Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon, 5K Run #2
July 18th– Swim Fest Fort Ritchie
July 26th– Swim Fest Luray
August 2nd– Fort Ritchie Triathlon and Duathlon
August 15-16th– Luray Triathlon and Duathlon
September 5th- Luray Half Marathon and 5K
September 29- Antietam Brewery 5K and Beer Mile

Why Are They Closing?

Due to COVID-19 impact on our ability to operate and gather, we have been waiting patiently to see if restrictions would lift early enough to hold these events. As of May 17, 2020, there is still much uncertainty in both the states of Maryland and Virginia. That has essentially caused a compounded problem for event planners. Here are the just the major issues.

  • No clear understanding of the health and safety concerns and restrictions.
  • Some of the agencies that support our events will be difficult to secure.
  • Volunteer recruitment will be even more challenging than usual.
  • Ordering swag will be difficult to determine given our normal trend models will not work.
  • Participation rates are way down at this point with no way to predict what we will see in the coming weeks.
  • Operational costs are exceeding our revenue due to low registration and lost funding through sponsorships.

Offer to Participants

Our goal with this closure is to offer as much back to you so we can. We realize this is not your fault, nor ours. PLEASE READ THESE OPTIONS AND THE FOLLOWING PARTICIPANT PROCESS THOROUGHLY. There is a tremendous amount of work to close down a race so we have organized a process to be easy for you to use while minimizing our effort to serve you. After reading the options, please refer to the Participant Process section below to learn your next step.

Option #1- Gift your entry to Racine MultiSports– by providing us the gift of your entry fee you help us with the needed funds required to operate our business during this difficult time. Please be aware that this gift is not tax deductible.

Option #2- Deferral Credit– we are offering 100% credit of your entry fee in a credit. This excludes the Active registration fee and any USAT fee (see below for details about USAT fees). A coupon code will be generated and sent to you that will be usable for any Racine MultiSports owned race through the end of the 2021 race season. Coupon codes will expire in October 2021 and therefore will not be valid for any race in 2022.  Codes will be emailed to you. Please allow us time to create them. Our goal is to get them to you by Mid August.

Option #3- Refund– we are offering 100% refund of your entry fee back to your credit card. This excludes the Active registration fee and any USAT fee (see below for details about USAT fees). We will not be able to generate refunds until we determine the amount of money we need to put back into our Active registration account and the funds have cleared. On August 16th we will submit the funds to Active and begin generating the refunds soon after. We estimate that refunds will begin late August and wrap up early September.

USAT is offering all participants’ credit for any One Day $15 fee paid for a 2020 canceled event. Please use your cancellation email to contact them for this credit. or 719-955-2807

Participant Process

Given the simultaneous closure of many races, we must use a system to hear back from. Please do not email us your decision as that will slow down the process and our ability to serve all of you. We created a registration link for you to use to communicate the option you have chosen. Deadline to submit your cancellation option is August 15, 2020.

Please follow the steps below to submit your option:

  1. Determine which races you have entered. If you are unsure DO NOT EMAIL US. Instead please scroll down to the “Participant Lists” section where you will find the participant lists for each canceled race.
  2. Decide which of the 3 options you prefer for each race you have entered.
  3. Submit your cancellation option by click on the red “REGISTER YOUR CANCELLATION OPTION” button below.
  4. If you are entered in more than one race we have conveniently setup the process so you can cancel each race at the same time. However, if you want to select a different option for each race you will need to submit your cancel option separately for each race.
  5. If you have a $15 One Day USAT license that you want to get credit for please contact USAT directly. or 719-955-2807

Participant Lists

Scheduled July 12-13, 2020

Hagerstown Duathlon #1 – Youth Duathlon #1- 5K Run #1
Hagerstown Youth Triathlon
Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon and 5K Run #2

Schedule July 18, 2020

Swim Fest Fort Ritchie

Schedule July 26, 2020

Swim Fest Luray

Schedule August 2, 2020

Fort Ritchie Triathlon and Duathlon

Schedule August 15-16, 2020

Luray Triathlon and Duathlon

Schedule September 5, 2020

Schedule September 27, 2020

Important Disclaimers

  • The deadline to submit your cancellation option will be August 15, 2020. After this time if we did not get your submitted option we will assume you are gifting your registration to us.
  • All decisions are final once you submit your option selection.
  • Deferral coupons will expire in October 2021 regardless if they were used.
  • Racine MultiSports is not responsible for refunding any Active registration fees.
  • Racine MultiSports is not responsible for refunding any USAT fees.
  • Deferral codes may take until end of June to arrive
  • Refunds will not begin until late June through early July