Fort Ritchie Triathlon – Course

Date: Sunday, August 2, 2020  8:00am
Location: Fort Ritchie, 14421 Lake Royer Drive, Cascade, MD 21719
Type: Olympic and Sprint
Olympic Distance:
Triathlon: 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run • Aquabike: 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike
Sprint Distance:
Triathlon: .75K Swim, 24K Bike, 5K Run • Aquabike: .75K Swim, 24K Bike

Course Maps

Swim Course: The swim course will be in Lake Royer and will be a 750 meter course.  The Sprint race will be one lap. The Olympic race will be 2 laps.  After lap one the Olympic participants will exit the lake, run across a small beach (wave to your fans), run down the pier and jump back in for lap 2.  The Open Division will be the first Olympic wave into the water followed by separate waves every few minutes.  Waves will be identified by swim cap color.

Bike Course:  The bike course leaves Fort Ritchie and navigates through hills and valley on wide shoulders and low traffic country roads.  The first section starts with a steep climb leading to a fast and long down hill section.  At the bottom, the Olympic distance will turn and navigate through the valley.  The Sprint will u-turn and head back to Fort Ritchie.  After the valley section the Olympic course will also u-turn and head back to Fort Ritchie.  The final section for both courses is a long gradual up hill. BIKE COURSE IS NOT CLOSED TO VEHICLE TRAFFIC. You must use caution and make your own judgement call when turning at each intersection. Volunteers are at the turns to ensure you know where to turn but will not be controlling traffic.

Run Course:  The run course is a 5K loop which navigates through Fort Ritchie property.  Being on private property, vehicular traffic will be minimal if at all.  The course has rolling hills.  The Sprint course is one loop.  The Olympic course will be 2 laps so wave to your fans after lap one.

Transition Area:  There is only one transition area on pavement for this event.