Luray Open Water Practice Swims

Practice swims are back at Luray for the 2022 season. We are currently working on additional dates and will publish them soon.

Important Disclaimer

These swims are “at your own risk”.  You must use your own judgement on what you can handle with respect to water conditions and your ability to swim in open water. We will have a lifeguard on duty but no emergency medical personnel.

We invite new open water swimmers to practice with us.  We require that you are comfortable swimming laps in a pool before trying open water swimming.  Keep in mind we do not have lifeguards at our practice swims.  We recommend new open water swimmers to wear a flotation device (personal swim buoy) so that we can see you. It will also give you flotation to hang on to any time you might need it.  The buoy does not alter your swimming but floats behind you providing visibility and safety. The lake has a shallow section that you can practice in before heading out to deeper water.  We do not provide the buoys, but the brand we recommend is the New Wave Swim Buoys. Check out the promotion below to receive a discount.



Registration and Check In Process

Registration will be online only, NO REGISTRATION AT THE PRACTICE SWIM.

Cost is $27.50 plus a registration fee of $2.50. NO DISCOUNTS offered. The cost to produce these swims is high (water testing, insurance, supplies, labor).

All registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Check-In for these swims is required and will be down near the lake. Look for the canopy.

Swim Dates

If you are interested in a date that sells out we will place a Wait List button next to that date so you can add yourself to that wait list. If we have cancellations or if we can expand the swim session size we will pull those of you off the Wait List first! There is no payment to be on the list. If a spot opens you will get an email inviting you to take it. You will have 12 hours to sign up or decline. If you do not respond the offer goes away after 12 hours and goes to the next person in line.

Practice Swim 1: Sunday, May 15th, 10am to 11:30am


Practice Swim 2: Sunday, July 24th, 9:30am to 11:00am

This practice swim is on the same morning as the Official Luray Triathlon Clinic. If you plan to register for the Clinic, do not register here for the swim. The Clinic includes practice swim time. 



These rules are designed for your health and safety as well as those around you. They must be followed! Your failure follow the rules could result in you being prohibited from participating, losing of your entry fee, and/or shutting down our swims. This plan requires everyone to do their part!

  1. Do not participate if you are feeling sick or have a fever
  2. Bathrooms will include a portable toilet on the beach and bathrooms within the park.
  3. Parking must be on the grass near the swim.
  4. If you plan to bike or run after the swim, we recommend you move your car to the top of the park (avoids the gravel driveway).

Swim Course Details

Course Map

Swim Course:

When possible, we will use a three buoy triangle course with a swim line connecting the first two straightaways. This will be 75 meters each leg or 225 meters for each loop. Swimmers can swim as many loops as they wish within the time limit. Please refer to the map for a visual.

Water Quality:

The water is tested each season to ensure E. coli levels are safe for swimming. The current reading is below the parts per million for safe swimming of 125 part per million. However, even though the water test is good, this lake is prone to under water vegetation that can reach the surface. We will try to work around this but cannot guarantee vegetation free water.

Water Temperature:

The water temperature will vary throughout the season. We expect the temps to be above 70 for our first swim. Always bring a wetsuit to our swims just in case. As you arrive the water temp will be posted.

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