This page is where you can get up-to-date team competition scoring. There are 3 competitions: Fundraising, Biggest Team, and Teams with the Most States. To be a part of the Fundraising Teams you need to register separately for team fundraising. To compete in the Biggest Team and Team with the Most States you need to register separately in the team registration. Here are the 3 tools you can use to track the team competitions:

Team Scorecard— This is a manually updated scorecard that contains all 3 team competitions and ranks teams within each competition. This will be updated periodically.

Live Team Roster— This link is updated in real-time and lists all the competition teams (not fundraising teams). You can click on the team name to show all the team members.

Live Team Fundraising– This link is updated in real-time and is used to track all fundraising teams (not competition teams). Make sure you click on the team tab. It will open in the individual fundraising tab.