Virtual Run and/or Bike Across Maryland

Date: June 22, 2020- September 14, 2020 (12 weeks)
Location: Anywhere!!!
Type: VIRTUAL Run or Bike or Bike/Run Challenges
Distances: Long and Short options
Contact: Race Director, Ken Racine 301-991-0461
Status: Registration is now closed!

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Are You On Track?

Welcome to the official site of our Virtual Run and/or Bike Across Maryland Challenge. This virtual event is designed to inspire you to “keep moving” and remain “race ready“, while having fun with your friends and family! Join us from June 22nd – September 14th. The event will take place over 12 weeks to give you the flexibility to complete all the challenge miles. Finish in 12 weeks or less. If you missed our starting week it will not be too late to enter…you will just have a shorter time to complete the challenge. Swag will be mailed to you later in the challenge.

You can use any run or bike workout beginning June 22,  even if you are using those miles for other events. We have two distances to choose from. If you like MORE MILES join the full crossing of Maryland. If you want LESS MILES join the shorter distance!


FULL RUN CHALLENGE: Run from Deep Creek Lake to Ocean City = 306 Miles (Run 25.5 mile average per week)
SHORT RUN or WALK CHALLENGE: Run or Walk from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Ocean City = 108 Miles (Run  or Walk 9 mile average per week)

FULL BIKE CHALLENGE: Bike from Ocean City to Deep Creek Lake and back to Ocean City = 612 Miles (51 miles average, per week)
SHORT BIKE CHALLENGE: Bike from Ocean City to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and back to Ocean City = 217 Miles (18 mile average per week

FULL MULTISPORT CHALLENGE: Bike/Run Combo from Ocean City to Deep Creek Lake and back to Ocean City = 612 Total, 462 Bike and 150 Run Miles (38.5 Bike miles  and 12.5 Run miles average, per week)*
SHORT MULTISPORT CHALLENGE: Bike/Run Combo from Ocean City to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and back to Ocean City = 217 Total, 167 Bike and 50 Run Miles (14 Bike miles and 4.2 Run miles average, per week)*

*Multisport participants can log biking and running miles in any order. However, they must only record bike mile for the bike portion and run miles for the run portion.

Charitable Giving

At Racine MultiSports, we want to do our part to support the communities where we hold our events. In alignment with our mission, we have decided to support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation through donations collected from this event. Given our Maryland theme, its appropriate to align with an organization that has tremendous impact on this state. As you virtual navigate the course for this challenge you will cross over the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. During registration you will have the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). Your tax-deductible gift to CBF will restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay, its rivers, and its streams for generations to come. It is only through your critical support that our on-the-ground restoration, advocacy, education, and litigation efforts are possible. Thank you for standing up for this national treasure and for making CBF a part of your life. We thank you for considering helping this effort!

Check Out the Swag!

Shirt is the Zorrel Primease brand…super soft, cotton/poly blend. Available in women’s cut too! The crab claw in the medal is a bottle opener!

Print your custom bib NOW! Use your Run Sign Up race email confirmation and click onManage Registration. Then click on “PRE-RACE BIBat the top right of the screen. Bib will display your name, team name and bib #.

What do I get with my registration?

  • Race shirt
  • Custom finisher medal
  • Printable digital race bib
  • Race results in searchable format
  • Satisfaction of virtually traveling across Maryland
  • Shirt and medal will be mailed to you!


Fee- includes race shirt and finisher medal mailed directly to you.

$40.00– from June 5th – 11th

$45.00– from June 12th – June 18th

$50.00– from June 19th on

Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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You will be required to submit your results daily beginning June 22. Further instructions will be provided prior to June 22. Results leaderboard will update daily automatically for each of the categories. Ranking will be first based on distance and then adjust based on overall time. So, participants with the same distance completed will be ranked on overall time. 

Long Running Challenge
Short Running or Walking Challenge
Long Biking Challenge
Short Biking Challenge
Long Multisport Challenge
Short Multisport Challenge

Results Leaderboard
Logging Results Instructions

Join a Team!

We have two Team contests to create some FUN! Invite friends and family members to join you on this challenge by creating a team to support each other! Come up with a team name and be sure that everyone enters it during registration. We will have the following results for the Team competition…

Largest Team– having the most team members registered
Tour Team– having the most states
represented on your team  

If you already registered without a team but decided to make a team or join one, no problem. Use your registration confirmation email from Run Sign Up to open up your registration and make team edits. If you have any questions contact

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Event Community

We created a Facebook page for the event to encourage you to share your pre-race photos and workouts, to help promote the event and to share your post-race photos and comments. To join the Facebook page please click below.

Facebook Group

Virtual Process

Here are the easy steps to follow to get the most out of your virtual experience.

  1. Register Online– for one of the three categories: Run or Walk, Bike, or Run/Bike
  2. Join Facebook Group– to share pre-race photos and workouts and then photos of your race day experience.
  3. Recruit Friends– we want to see how many areas of the country we can get people involved, but we need your help!
  4. Pre-Challenge Communication– we will send you information as we get closer to the start of the Challenge to help you get ready and to learn how to submit your results daily.
  5. Swag Delivery– we will submit the order for shirts and medals on July 1. You will get your swag mailed to your front door at the mid point of the challenge.
  6. Run or Walk , Cycle, or do a combination of both– beginning June 22 your can run on a treadmill, trail or the road. You can bike on a trainer, trail or road. 
  7. Submit Results Daily– your results can be uploaded daily with your miles and time.
  8. Submit Photos– from your runs or rides and share on the Facebook group page.
  9. Check Results– as results get submitted by participants it will update daily so you can watch the leader board.


  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Registrants must follow all COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions
  • Racine MultiSports is not responsible for any restrictions or laws violated by participants in this event
  • No returns or exchanges on shirts and medals

COVID-19 Information:

Maryland and much of the country have Stay-at-Home orders in place. We ask you to stay informed and follow all COVID-19 and State restrictions, guidelines and laws. This event is not encouraging actual group gathering, rather, a virtual group experience. Racine MultiSports is not responsible for any participant violating any restriction, guideline or law. We wish all of you and your families good health during this time.

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