Antietam Brewery 5K Run and Beer Mile – Double

This page recognizes Antietam Brewery 5K & Beer Mile competitors who complete both distances.

We will update this page every year with the Double results. To calculate the Double results, the athlete’s finishing times for both races are added together. Congratulations to all Antietam Brewery Double Finishers!

Double Club

We have 11 members who have done this double competition for both of two years we have offered this competition category (2018, 2019)
and 48 members who have done one year of this competition.
For details about all of our Double Club members CLICK HERE

Double Results

2019 – Double Results (45 total finishers) – Click Here

2018 – Double Results (25 total finishers) – Click Here

Double Course Record Holders:

Brad Dodson 0:24:40 (2018)

Diane Mogard 0:31:57 (2018)