About Us


Racine MultiSports, LLC was established to support multi-sport endurance athletes by giving them venues to race and train. Additionally we are committed to supporting local communities. Our events cater to all levels of athletes, from the youth, adult beginners, to the experienced athlete.

RMS Mission

Our mission is to create an opportunity for youth and adult athletes to challenge themselves physically through endurance events that will inspire them to be better people. Secondly, we exist to give back to the community by supporting charities and non-profit organizations.

RMS Story

Racine MultiSports is a life long dream of its founder, Ken Racine. Ken has been involved with bike racing and triathlons since the 80’s. He credits the sport of triathlon and the athletes he trained with for turning his life around when he was 19 years old. “I was just out of high school when I entered the sport and did not have a strong mentor in my life to help guide me. I was unsure about college and my future. I turned to triathlons after watching my sister complete an Olympic distance triathlon. The event brought me to tears as I watched her and many others cross the finish line, knowing they had achieved a personal goal that required preparation and planning. I poured myself into the sport and the older athletes adopted me without question. These older athletes were fathers and business men who in a way became my mentors and created a vision of who I wanted to become. I owe so much to the sport and to those men. And now, through Racine MultiSports, I can give back to the sport I love by providing the same life changing venue to youth and adult athletes looking to improve themselves!”

We invite you to join us at our events as a participant, volunteer, spectator, or as a financial supporter.