Antietam Brewery 5K Run – Team Competition and Scoring

We offer a team competition that includes awards and scoring for the Antietam Brewery 5K. And the best part…this added level of fun and camaraderie comes with no additional fees!

Spice up your individual 5K experience, at no extra cost, by also being a part of a team of 5K runners! In addition to your individual entry into the 5K, you can also create or join a team at no additional charge. Teams will consist of 3 or more individual runners in the 5K and can be any combination of genders. Each runner on the team will race as an individual and be eligible for individual awards. The top 3 finishers on a team will have their individual times added together and scored for the team competition. Team awards will be given out to top teams.

It’s time to create or join a team, recruit teammates and begin training and challenging them to get ready for race day!

Setting up the team competition is very easy, and we can assist if needed. Contact Shannon with your questions.
Here’s how to do it through your Antietam Brewery 5K Registration:

If you have already registered for the race and now want to create a team, follow these directions:

1. Go to Edit my Registration
2. Find the right event registration and click Create team
3. On pop-up dialog, enter team name
4. (Optional) Enter team description
5. (Optional) If you would like to make your team private, select private team under Access and enter a password
6. Click Create
Note: A team card will appear under the registration. Click in Team Center to manage my team.
Note: Team name cannot be duplicated with an existing one.

If you have already registered for a race and want to join a team already created, follow these instructions:

1. Go to Edit my Registration
2. Find the right event registration and click Join team
3. On pop-up dialog, search desired team
4. Click desired team
Note: Team names can be similar, so please ensure you select the correct team by checking the captain’s name.
Note: If desired team is not visible when performing a search, the team may be private or of a different type. You can contact Team Captain or contact us to check.
5. Click Join
Note: If a team password is required, it must be entered when prompted.
Note: The team captain will receive an email notification when a participant joins his/her team.

If you have not registered for the race yet, follow these instructions:

1. Open event registration link
2. Select registration category/price type
3. Fill in Participant Information
4. Under Team Information, it will state: Do you want to join a team?
5. If you select Create a Team, fill in Team name (required), Team description (optional) and privacy (optional)
6. If you select Join a Team, enter Team name > Click SEARCH > Click Team name to join from search result, and fill in team password if required
7. Complete other form questions and waivers as normal
8. Continue registration until payments are successful